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Who we are

Gert & Nikki


We are Gert and Nikki, a couple from Antwerp who have chosen to give up our full-time job and work remotely from our self-built van Nigel. Our goal is to embrace the freedom of travel while continuing our work. combining our passion for adventure and discovery with our professional pursuits.

Siggy, Moya & Nalah


Our journey started in August 2021, together with our faithful companions, cats Nalah and Siggy. However, we didn't think our family was big enough yet and in December 2021 we welcomed a new member: our dog Moya.Together we form a close team, ready to explore the world and create unforgettable memories.

Our camper van

Of course we also get a lot of questions about our camper. Here it is: Nigel. This Citroen Jumper (H3L3) 3.0 from 2007 has already driven 40,000 km through Europe. Without letting it down even once. In the middle of corona time we bought Nigel – in terrible condition – for an apple and an egg. With a lot of love, technical insight and some perseverance, we completely fine-tune the engine and drive and furnish the loading space completely to our own taste. We are not saying that everything went perfectly as we wanted it to, but after two years of service we are very satisfied with our ‘beast’.

Moreover, with its 6 meters in length, Nigel is the perfect compromise between interior space and manoeuvrability. The powerful 3 liter Iveco engine delivers 400Nm of torque and takes us up even the steepest slopes!


Read our travel diary. Stories about our adventures, breathtaking places captured with our camera.

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Wanna see more visual action? Check out our Youtube channel from vanbuild to the edges of Europe.


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