Peloponnese – The heart of Greek heritage and untouched nature

We’ve been away for a while…

…But our story continues with a journey through time on Peloponnese

Two months and a half. That’s how long it’s been since the last blog post. We were busy suffering cold in Bulgaria and Romania, but more on that later. Once home, time was suddenly nowhere to be found and as luck would have it I broke my wrist and elbow in a stupid accident. Meanwhile, I manage to touch a keyboard again, so here we go…

The hidden gem of the Ionian Sea

Back in time, no, not to the ancient Greeks, but to the last days of October ’22. Then we hung out on Levkada.

Levkada, also called Lefkas or Lefkada, is an enchanting Greek island in the Ionian Sea. As one of the lesser known holiday destinations, it offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy Greek islands. Levkada is the perfect getaway for anyone seeking pristine beaches, authentic culture and breathtaking landscapes. This picturesque island is connected to mainland Greece by a bridge, making it easy to reach for both cars and pedestrians.

De weg naar Levkada
The way to Levkada

In addition to the many campers, we noticed that this is also a true sailing paradise: The many marinas make the island an ideal destination for sailing enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts.

Panorama image from on Levkada

We found a secluded beach through Park 4 Night, or so we thought, for which we have to drive a few km on an unpaved path. When we arrived at the pebble beach, a whole collection of Germans was already parked there. But, we were lucky, because all cool people of our age group. Among others, we got to know Mira & Fabian, who also have a Youtube channel. Through this gang we learned about an abandoned radar station on top of a mountain on Levkada. Of course we had to check that out!

Normally we are more fans of some privacy, but this nice bend made it no problem that we were packed together…

NAVO Radarstation

According to the little information I could find online, this was a US Army radar and communications station during the Cold War. To be precise, it was built in 1965. There was room for several dozen military personnel and local support personnel. After the Cold War it was dismantled and in the meantime everything of value has of course long since disappeared. However, you can still clearly see in the buildings what they are used for, and the two enormous antenna dishes are also doing well to withstand the test of time.

The base consisted of a lower part where the personnel slept, cooked and spent leisure time and a higher part where the actual installation was located. A while ago we also made a video about this, this shows it much better. In any case, for us it’s worth driving up!

Peloponnese – The heart of Greek heritage and untouched nature

Back to the title of this post: Peloponnese or Peloponnesos. This is technically an island, since they dug a channel on the other side of the peninsula, but of course it is a peninsula. On the western side there is a new bridge connecting Nafpaktos to Patras. But for half the price of the bridge you can take a ferry and admire this architectural masterpiece from the boat. In the meantime, as a loyal reader, you know better than anyone that we watch our money, so the ferry was our choice.

View of the bridge connecting Nafpaktos to Patras, with the old fortress in the foreground

Located on the southern part of mainland Greece, the Peloponnese is a fascinating region that is both rich in history and abundant in natural beauty. This sprawling peninsula offers a unique combination of historic sites, pristine beaches and breathtaking scenery. The region is steeped in history and myths. It is home to some of Greece’s most famous archaeological sites, such as Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The natural beauty of the Peloponnese is equally impressive. From the spectacular mountain scenery to the crystal clear waters of the coastline, there is something for everyone.

According to many travelers, the Peloponnese is the best part of Greece to visit by van or mobile home. There is still real freedom and the pristine is really not exaggerated. The disadvantage is that it does not score very well in terms of facilities and infrastructure, but well, it is one or the other, as we say in Antwerp. One of our first culturally appropriate stops was Olympia…

Nigel’s first ferry
The fancy bridge connects Patra to the mainland
At sea

Olympia – A dive into the rich history of the Olympic Games

Nestled in the scenic Peloponnese region of Greece, Olympia is a place of great historical significance and cultural heritage. Known as the center of the ancient Olympic Games, Olympia invites visitors to take a fascinating journey back in time, where athletes from all over the Greek world gathered to compete for fame and homage to the supreme god Zeus.

The history of Olympia dates back to 776 BC, when the first Olympic Games were held in this sacred sporting and religious center. The Games, which took place every four years, were an important event in ancient Greece and included disciplines such as running, wrestling and horse racing. The site of Olympia was also home to impressive temples and sanctuaries, including the majestic Temple of Zeus, which once housed one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the colossal statue of Zeus.

Some people just want a taste of history…

The popularity of the Olympic Games lasted until AD 393, when Emperor Theodosius I banned the Games because of their pagan origins. Olympia then fell into obscurity for centuries, until 18th century archaeologists and historians rediscovered the site’s rich history. Thanks to extensive excavations, visitors can now admire the remains of the ancient buildings and works of art and better understand the significance of Olympia in ancient Greek civilization.

We enjoyed the excellent autumn weather, as you can see in the pictures. There was also a museum with masses of objects, weapons, statues that have surfaced over the years. We don’t often say it, but the Olympia site is really worth the money!

Now, apparently this is the amount of text my wrist can handle right now. So we’ll stop here. But don’t worry, more experiences are coming, and this time I won’t wait 2.5 months! Dear reader, feel free to leave a message and hopefully see you next time!

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